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Endorsement Night

[AUG 28 12:12pm] –

Last minute edits to the candidates forms and pages.

[AUG 27 10:43am] –

Candidate Forum, Endorsement Night, Mix-n-Mingle-call it what you will, in two nights, we’ll be voting and eating and mingling at one of the prettiest patios under a late summer evening sky! How lucky are we?

Friends and food and ballot boxes! Call it what you will — it is guaranteed to be another fun night of political discourse, noshing on tasty treats candidates or their reps coming and going as their schedules permit!

The candidates supplied us with some very thoughtful and personal answers to our 10 questions. Also, they are very long answers.

You probably won’t have time to read them carefully at Ester’s. We suggest reading them at home and bring any questions you may have to the event. Most candidates will be sending a representative or family member and they can (or try to) answer your questions.

As the questions are formatted for printing, they will be uploaded as PDFs to the website under each race.

We will have the candidates’ answers printed and available for the event.

Access the candidate answers here:

Governor: http://bit.ly/GOV-mapoli

Lt Governor: http://bit.ly/lt-mapoli

Attorney General: http://bit.ly/AG-mapoli

12th Suffolk-Representative: http://bit.ly/12th-mapoli

Find all the information here: bit.ly/2014Candidates

[AUG 26 11:07Am] –
1. Food has been ordered! (I know, let’s get the priorities out of the way!)

2. Weather promises to be nice! (Hah. We know better than to believe this.)

3. Candidate information is mostly up to date–waiting for a couple of things here and there.

Printable versions of the candidate answers are going online slowly and printed copies will be available on Thursday night. The candidates provided thoughtful and comprehensive answers which are necessarily long. Suggest folks read them ahead of Thursday because the meatball’s are really good at Ester’s and you won’t be able to read and chew and mingle at the same time. (Well, I can’t at least.)

4. Will be updating the Facebook event page later tonight.

5. DotOUT members, will be sending an email out to all the non-Facebook users.

[AUG 25 7:25pm] – Tweeting the candidates’ answers as they go live.

UPDATE [AUG 25] – Candidate answers are coming in! We’re formatting and uploading to the website as quickly as we can. Will tweet updates as they’re uploaded.

UPDATE [AUG 23]Press Release regarding night’s format: candidate attendance, voting and endorsement info.

Will DotOUT be endorsing a candidate in the Register of Probate – Suffolk County race?
“No, we are leaning away from the Register of Probate race as it doesn’t effect DotOUT’s mission statement.”

Will DotOUT be endorsing a candidate in the Sheriff – Suffolk County race?
“No, we are leaning away from endorsing a candidate for the Sheriff’s race as it doesn’t effect DotOUT’s mission statement.”

Thursday, August 28, 2014 promises to be another exciting DotOUT endorsement night. There are a number of statewide candidates for the first time in years. Democrat, Republican or Independent, there is a little something-something for every person of every political persuasion!

DotOUT has long history of vocal endorsement events. Thanks to the Dorchester Reporter, you can read about them online.

Event Logistics (Location, Time, etc.)
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Voting Eligibility

Membership is not required to participate in any of our social events. Membership 30-days prior to an endorsement event/meeting is required to vote. You must have joined our email list

Only members on this list and who joined on or before July 29, 2014  are eligble to vote at this event.

Nonmembers are warmly invited to come, join for next year and have a good time!

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DotOUT’s 10 Questions

Our questions are the usual mix of old and new. Some remain the litmus test for many DotOUT members (marching in the St Patrick’s Day Parade), others change with the current issues the LGBTQ community faces (elder services, violence, transgender, youth issues).

Some questions will apply to all candidates, while other candidates may only have a few relative to their elected position. We only ask the candidates to answer the questions as fully as possible.

Read all 10 questions here.

Candidate Answers

Gubernatorial Candidate Answers (Incomplete)

LT Governor Candidate Answers

Attorney General Candidate Answers

Representative (12th Suffolk) Candidate Answers (Incomplete)

Candidate Information (website, Twitter, etc.)

Here is the current information we’re working from. If you have additional information or questions, please contact us at info@dotout.org.

Candidate Availability

As candidates confirm their availability, we will be updating this page. Please check back frequently. We understand the pressure the candidates are under as they enter the final days before the primary. We ask our members for their patience as we update these pages.

 As of August 25, 2014 – 7:19Pm


Berwick:  Candidate answers are in; available online.
Coakley:  Previous event on the Cape; may try to come but it will be later (post 7:30pm)
Grossman:  Submitting Monday; previous event; sending his wife Barbara.

Lt Governor

Chung:  Candidate answers are in; available online. Previous event; is trying to juggle his schedule.
Kerrigan:  Candidate answers are in; available online. Previous event; is sending his husband.
Lake:  Candidate answers are in; available online. Can come but has to leave at 6:30pm


Healy:  Candidate answers are in; available online. Previous event; sending a representative.
Tollman:  Candidate answers are in; available online.

State Rep

Cullinane:  Candidate answers are in; available online.
Allen:  No response.