DotOUT Membership is Open

Membership is open to any person who supports DotOUT’s mission.

Membership is not needed to participate in any of our social events.

Free membership is required to vote in our endorsement forums and board.

To become a voting eligible member, you must join our email list a minimum of 30 days before voting.

Membership shall be open to any person who supports the mission of the organization. Upon signing-up on-line or in person at a DotOUT meeting, a person shall become a General member of the organizations and be eligible to participate in all activities and discussions of the organization.

A General member shall automatically become a Voting member thirty days after becoming a General Member.

Please note: If you like us or are a member of our Facebook group, you are not a voting member! Membership is managed only through our email list.

Please enter your email address to become a voting member and for our mailing list.