Welcome to Dorchester, Massachusetts!

Founded in 1630, Dorchester aka “Dot”, was once a bustling, stand-alone town, but is now Boston’s largest and most diverse neighborhood.

DotOUT was formed over a decade ago to help bridge its wide-flung communities. Founding members felt the need to “connect the Dots” between Dorchester’s current and growing influx of LGBTQ residents and the various neighborhoods and communities found in Dot. At the time, there was some initial pushback at the local level regarding the Goodrich v. Department of Public Health decision which ushered in same-sex marriage legislature in Massachusetts.

Since 2004, DotOUT has been welcomed by the Dorchester Day parade organizers and has been a crowd favorite float in the annual parade. (We even won best float!) DotOUT continues to strengthen bridges between long-established communities, parishes and non-profit organizations with its commitment to positive civic engagement amongst all residents. Proceeds from the group’s activities are donated to Dorchester’s smaller nonprofits who foster a culture of inclusion and fairness.