Dorchester is a wonderful neighborhood and Dorchester people and businesses are generous and caring.

Don’t believe us? Here’s the proof:

Past Donations

   Charity Benefit Event Amount


St. Mary’sHarvest Mixer$1,000
Kit Clark Senior ServicesTea Dance**
Gay Mens Domestic Violence*$250


Dorchester Historic SocietyTea Dance$750
Partners in Health-PACTTea Dance$750
Boston Partners in EducationBowling**
2010 Year Total(incomplete) $1,500


It Gets BetterHarvest Mixer**
Boston City SingersOscars$400
dotWellTea Dance$1,500
2011 Year Total(incomplete) $1,900


DotARTTea Dance$1,000
Interim HouseTea Dance$1,000
Victory Program***
2012 Year Total(incomplete) $2,000


Dorchester YMCAOscars$400
One FundEndorsement Night – April$260 +$50
One FundTea Dance$2,000
2013 Year Total$2,710


Dorchester Arts CollaborativeOscars & DotDay Summer Party at Cedar Grove$400
Victory ProgramSupport for Dinnerfest$250
Dorchester Day ParadeTea Dance$200
Dot ArtTea Dance$1,000
Dorchester HouseTea Dance$1,000
Dorchester Historical SocietyTea Dance$100
St Mary’s Center
for Women & Children
Harvest Mixer$440 and
OODLES of cute, fluffy and totally adorable donations!
2014 Year Total$3,390+ plus


Boston Partners in EducationBowling!$271
Boston City SingersOscars$250
Victory Program/Boston Living CenterSupport for Dinnerfest$250
Kit Clark Senior ServicesDotDay Summer Party at Cedar Grove $400
The Network/La RedTea Dance $2,000
Children’s Holiday Party at DotHealthHarvest Mixer$1,000 and
bags and bags of
wonderful toys!
2015 Year Total$4,171+ plus


Boston Partners in EducationBowling!$250
–Not in 2016–
Victory Program/Boston Living CenterSupport for Dinnerfest
–Not in 2016–
Dot ArtDotDay Summer Party at Cedar Grove $200
Dorchester Historical SocietyDotDay Summer Party at Cedar Grove $150
Dorchester Youth CollaborativeTea Dance $2,000
St Mary’s Center
for Women & Children
Harvest Mixer$786
2016 Year Total$3,386


–Not in 2017–
–Not in 2017–
DotOUT Brings the Rainbow to SouthieSouth Boston’s St Patrick’s Day Parade Rainbow Gay Pride Flag Giveaway$595
BAGLYDotDay Summer Party at Cedar Grove$304
Dorchester Youth CollaborativeDotDay Summer Party at Cedar Grove$304
BAGLYTea Dance$2,000
Dorchester Youth CollaborativeTea Dance$2,000
All Dorchester Sports & LeadershipHarvest Mixer$709
2017 Year Total$5,912


Boston Partners in EducationBowling!$700
Victory ProgramSupport for Dinnerfest$500
Rainbow RailroadTea Dance$2,658
Louis D Brown Peace InstituteTea Dance$2,658
MSPCAHarvest Mixer$700
2018 Year Total$7,216


Boston Partners in Education$1,400
2021 Year Total$1,400


St Mary’s Center for Women and Children$2,000
OutRight International$2,000
2022 Year Total$4,000
* – Event info missing; ** – Final amount in archives!