DotOUT steering committee members are giving away 100 free rainbow flags this week to South Boston businesses and residences to display during the annual South Boston St. Patrick’s Day Parade on March 19, 2017.  “The rainbow flag is a symbol of hope and pride for the LGBT community,” said DotOUT Vice President Matthew Duffy. “We’ve seen an incredible outpouring of support during the past week. When straight allies and neighbors fly the rainbow flag, they affirm their vision of an inclusive Boston.”

The idea for donating the flags began with DotOUT Treasurer Mark Haley, who, as a small business owner, knows the impact local businesses have on shaping a community.  Haley was impressed by neighbors in Washington, DC who flew rainbow flags during Vice President Mike Pence’s temporary stay. He thought it was a positive and visible way for allies to stand up for their LGBT neighbors. “Dorchester businesses have been pro-LGBT with their support of DotOUT’s events year after year. South Boston and Dorchester are neighbors. It’s time for DotOUT to lend a hand to our neighbor. Providing free rainbow flags is our welcoming gesture to South Boston.”

The flags are available March 18 and will be distributed through a combined effort of neighborhood groups and residents. The group’s goal is for business and residences along the parade route to display the majority of flags for a visual display of #OneBoston and #StrongerTogether messaging popular on social media. South Boston residences and businesses are encouraged to display the flag during the parade regardless of their location. If interested in obtaining a flag, people can use the provided form at