In vibrant Dorchester, Boston’s largest and most diverse neighborhood, DotOUT has ‘connected the dots’ for more than 13 years between LGBTQ neighbors and businesses with creative and inclusive civic, social, political and charitable engagements. We’ve embraced our strengths and enhanced our commonalities as neighbors, friends and family.

Members of DotOUT fought long and hard to acquire the same rights as our non-LGBTQ neighbors and family members in Massachusetts. We, like many, feared these hard-won rights would be crushed under the current Presidential Administration. Sadly, we are seeing those fears made real with almost weekly attacks on LGBTQ rights across the country. We are in the crosshairs.

Yesterday, we learned of a return to homophobia and transphobia here in Boston where many thought this battle had been won here at home. While not representing our city or any neighborhood, a 9-4 vote by South Boston’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade organizers, Allied War Veterans Council, punctuates that homophobia and transphobia — even against U.S. veterans who are LGBTQ — can drive current actions in Boston and beyond and will grow if left unchallenged.

We take challenges to our community members seriously, and as current and past board members, DotOUT leaders firmly promise to stay strong as we challenge ourselves to fight against rising aggressive hatred facing our LGBTQ community.

DotOUT promises to:

  • Speak up and out proudly for community that is accepting;
  • Call out harmful actions that condone discrimination against LGBTQ people;
  • Commit to raise our visibility in our Dorchester neighborhoods and beyond;
  • Reinvigorate our social engagements with opportunities for open and honest dialogue.

We ask you — our friends, family and neighbors — to recommit with us for community and inclusion. We can only be a better Dorchester–a stronger Boston — by being more supportive, welcoming and accepting neighbors.

With love,

DotOUT Steering Committee

P.S. DotOUT will again proudly march to celebrate Dorchester (as we have every year since 2004) in the 2017 Dorchester Day Parade on Sunday, June 4. Please join us. Find out how by emailing us at