Celebrating a decade of political and charitable activism, DotOUT turns to social media to announce endorsement results.

Complete coverage and information about DotOUT’s Endorsement Night:

BOSTON, Aug. 23, 2014 – With only a few short weeks to go, candidates are invited to the DotOUT’s candidate forum and endorsement night in Dorchester, Mass. DotOUT is Boston’s only LGBTQ neighborhood group.  Members will gather once again at Ester Restaurant (formerly the Ledge Restaurant), 2261 Dorchester Avenue, to cast their endorsement votes for a wide range of statewide candidates representing Dorchester including, but not limited to, governor, lieutenant governor and attorney general. An updated list is available online at

 In 2013’s mayoral election, the candidates attended en masse, some well-known to members and others less-familiar. This year, while the political positions to be filled are high-ranking and supremely important to the next set of years in the Commonwealth, many candidates have participated with DotOUT members throughout the year and have made their faces, policy priorities and views known to members.

“DotOUT has hosted candidate forums for nearly a decade. This time, many candidates have previously joined us at other events throughout the year, and some of those have prior commitments next Thursday in other cities where they are lesser known or affirmed,” said DotOUT Vice President Matthew Duffy and the group’s political endorsement liaison. “I respect that and owe it to the fact that DotOUT members have met many candidates at other events we’ve hosted or attended throughout this statewide election cycle.”

While some members and candidates might miss the live action excitement of an open forum exchange, Duffy noted, “Candidates themselves or their selected surrogates are welcome to address our members next Thursday at our forum, and I have told interested candidates just that.”

Another edge over prior years is DotOUT’s embrace of social media and the Internet. After 2013’s long year of elections and special elections, the group tested an online survey for the 2014 13th Suffolk County race in lieu of a formal endorsement night. During next Thursday’s event, DotOut will once again turn to social media to announce the ballot results after the evening. Voting eligible members will fill out ballots and results will be announced  later Thursday night through the group’s Twitter, Facebook and members’ only email list. Duffy commented about the night’s expected format, “While voting for people who will represent us in statewide government is serious, our event is also focused on fun as well as members voting for candidates we will endorse, so we’re pleased to offer the event as a meet and mingle on the same night as casting endorsement votes.  It’s exciting to have such a diverse group produce a slate, the only slate that represents the only LGBTQ neighborhood group in the City of Boston, and yes, we’re proud that it is — and we are — in Dorchester.”

DotOUT President Chris McCoy noted the evening provides a much-anticipated social gathering for longtime DotOUT members. “Many of our longtime members, who are originally from Dorchester or have lived here for decades, have been involved in all aspects of their neighborhood.” said McCoy. “No two will have the same political voting record. Sometimes, it is as much a chance for these members to have their opinions heard as it is for the candidates to speak. You never know how our members will vote!”

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DotOUT ( is a grassroots, member-driven organization committed to the ideals of acceptance, inclusion, fairness and equality. We believe in the strength of the gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and queer (“GLBTQ”) community in Dorchester and recognize that together through our activism and neighborliness we can positively influence local opinion on issues that are relevant to us and our community.

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