Thanks to all that came out on Sunday, March 2, 2014 to the Oscar event to help us raise money for the Dorchester Arts Collaborative youth programs. We will be posting more photographs soon. A special thanks to Dbar staff for their enthusiasm and Craig, the way you pushed those buttons and plugged and unplugged those darn technical difficulties out of the way.

Tan Pham once again performed as the paparazzi shooter and a shout out to Kris Knievel for her running commentary and general DQ skills.

There are so many others to thank. I can’t remember, oh yes, to Wendy Hernandez for her glamorous LiaSophia jewelry spread, Zipcar for their always kind gifts, and to Chad Flahive of Public Body whose gift package is being saved for our next big event since apparently fashion and bootcamps are not synonymous except in my case. Also, another special shout out to the State Rep candidates, PJ McCann and the winner Dan Hunt.