Our surprise summer hit Midweek Summer Meltdown is now back as a monthly event! We’re kicking the month off right on the first Wednesdays of every month with our fabulous after work meet-up.

We’re keeping the format the same with nifty name tags, easy commute from the T, super welcoming greeters and a rotating Dorchester location. Only difference will be the weather! MidweekMeltdownLogo

How  will I find the group at the venue? Someone from DotOUT is always there to greet you. No signs, just look for folks wearing their Martha Stewart Collection Name Tags around the bar! Seriously. Plus, we’re always keeping an eye out for folks coming in! You can always ask at the host station for the “DotOUT” group!

How do you pick your Midweek Meltdown spots? We find a Dorchester spot with food and libations as darn close to the MBTA Red line as possible. Most folks will be coming from work, so it has got to be as easy as possible to get to and to go home from as the event IS on a Wednesday!

What exactly happens at a Midweek Meltdown? We find a spot at the bar, plunk ourselves down and wait for folks to straggle in! Some come earlier than 6:30pm (that’s OK, too!) and some come closer to 8:30 (again, totally OK!). We make introductions where needed, catch up on what’s new, who’s new, how was your day.

Who comes to a Midweek Meltdown? Everyone! Seriously! Women, men, couples looking for an easy night out, partner out of town, folks new to Dorchester, longtime residents. I know — it looks like we’re all good friends when you first walk-in, but after one or two midweeks, you’ll be a regular, too!


First Wednesday of Every Month • Beginning at 6:30pm – 8:30pm

October 1, 2014 – Event Info | The Harp & Bard Website

November 5, 2014 – Event Info | Savin Bar & Kitchen

December 3, 2014 – Event Info | The Blarney Stone

January 7 , 2015 – TBD | Tavolo

February 4, 2015 – TBD | Ester