#WickedWhiteOUT takes Dorchester by STORM! Playing off of Boston Pride’s #WickedProud theme emphasizing pride and social media, DotOUT Float Committee members chose this year’s float theme, #WickedWhiteOUT—a totally Dorchester tongue-in-cheek homage to the past winter’s unprecedented weather and strength, unity and pride Dorchester residents exhibit when faced with adversity.

When building this year’s float, the quintessential “Boston” snow feature takes center stage: the Boston parking saver. Other elements celebrating winter’s passing are a mock 9′ “snow farm iceberg” complete with roadside detritus, an homage to Boston Yeti 2015, highway signs celebrating the Boston dialect. Even the flatbed truck, driven by D&D Towing of Dorchester, was decorated with mock snowbergs made from polyester batting.

This year’s big breakout super-star? Our homage to #bostonyeti2015!

Last year, DotOUT reached out to the larger Dorchester community for it’s butterfly theme.  DotArt Executive Director, Liz Carney embraced last year’s challenge and was excited to join the group again this year. Our float will incorporate cardboard snowflakes painted (and well-glittered) by the young artists at DotArt.

Special thanks to new Float Committee members Steve, Jonathan, Brian and Scottie for embracing the grit needed to make the glitter shine!

Super special thanks to Doug George for again hosting our float prep and staging areas. Not only doesn’t glitter cut itself, it doesn’t store itself! Thanks, Doug!

It’s not a DotOUT float without SOUND—Soundman John Ryan makes our music rock the road! And, after 5 hours, we needed every single high engery beat that wiggled out of those speakers to get us down that long, long, long, long, long, super-long day. Thanks, John!

CRUNCH-TIME float tszujing made us sparkle in the cool, summer sun. That special DORCHESTER sparkle happened thanks to the many DotOUT hands making merry with the glitter and power tools—and, that glitter is still everywhere!