For some of you, this day has been circled on your calendar since last year’s whirlwind political bonanza. Never fear, 2014 promises to be another smorgasbord of Massachusetts politics at all levels! We’ve got statewide and county and tigers, oh my! Well, sadly no tigers.

Once again, your questions are needed for this year’s candidates!

We’ll be sending out questionnaires again for this year’s passel of politicos and eager newbies at all levels of government. We want you, our DotOUT members, to submit questions that reflect our LGBTQ and Dorchester issues.

Please email your questions (and the candidate(s) they are for) to our main email address

We will select questions or merge them with others based on clarity and relevance to Dorchester and our community. We find most candidates are friendly to the LGBTQ community (but, if you have found they are not, please express that in your questions and cite examples).

To change up the questionnaire we would like to add in other issues, for example: “As Governor, what would you do to help … ?” “As Attorney General, how will you … ?” “As Probate Register, how would you address issues regarding … ?”

We will keep you posted on our progress!