While planning our fall-abulous annual Harvest Mixer, we reflected back on our accomplishments of the past year. Without realizing it, we were looking back at our past TEN years and were even more amazed at all that we had accomplished!

DotOUT has tried to share with Dorchester… In the same way we were welcomed and acknowledged by the Dorchester community, we have tried to give back and welcome others. That’s why our commitment to our smaller and local non-profits has been at the heart of us all.

Dorchester people take care of their own. They open their hearts (and wallets) to those who need help and share whatever they can with those less fortunate. DotOUT is proud to be a part of that tradition for the past decade and for many more to come.

This year, we will be collecting urgently needed homegoods for St Mary’s Center for Women and Children.

Barney (the purple one) isn’t the only one who believes “sharing is caring.” Dorchester cares. We hope to see you on November 9!

We’re finalizing plans and outfits for our annual Harvest Mixer at the Ashmont Grill. Comfortable knit? Casual flannel? Worsted wool pullover and loafy slingbacks?