We’ve been busy collecting and and summarizing this year’s bumper crop of candidates. Below, you’ll find links to the candidates’ websites or public Facebook pages. DotOUT is not responsible for  the content you may find on these external sites. Let us know if you have additional information to share about each candidate. Email us at info@dotout.org.


  • Don Berwick (D)~ Ex-US Medicare/Medicaid Administrator, Physician
  • Martha Coakley (D) ~ Attorney General, Ex-Middlesex County District Attorney, 2010 US Senate Nominee
  • Steve Grossman (D) ~ State Treasurer, Ex-Democratic National Chairman, Businessman, 2002 Candidate
  • Charlie Baker (R) ~ Venture Capitalist, Ex-State Budget Director, Ex-Health Care Executive, 2010 Nominee
  • Mark Fisher (R) ~ Metal Manufacturer, Tea Party Activist
  • Evan Falchuk (Independent) ~ Attorney, Businessman
  • Scott Lively (Independent) ~ Minister, Attorney, Ex-Republican, Anti-Gay Activist
  • Jeff McCormick (Independent) ~ Venture Capitalist
  • Larry Medolo (Independent) ~ Massage Therapist, BA In Sports Medicine From Merrimack College, Primary Platform “Family Court Reform” For Equal Parenting Rights

Lt Governor

  • Leland Cheung (D) ~ Venture Capitalist , Cambridge City Councilor
  • Steve Kerrigan (D) ~ 2013 Presidential Inaugural Committee Co-Chair, Ex-Lancaster Selectman, Ex-Congressional Aide
  • Mike Lake (D) ~ Non-Profit Group CEO, Ex-Clinton White House Aide
  • Karyn Polito (R) ~ Attorney, Ex-State Representative, Ex-State Lottery Commissioner, 2010 State Treasurer Nominee
  • Tracy Post (Independent) ~ Yarmouth Selectman, Construction Executive
  • Shelly Saunders (Independent) ~ Community Activist, Anti-Gay Activist

Attorney General

  • Maura Healey (D) ~ Ex-Attorney General’s Office Civil Rights Bureau Chief
  • Warren Tolman (D) ~ Attorney, Ex-State Senator, Ex-State Representative
  • John Miller (R) ~ Attorney, Civil Engineer