Most EVAH! #GivingTuesday and Giving Back

Most EVAH! #GivingTuesday and Giving Back

Remember summer tea dance at dbar?

You thought you were just having fun, buying in-seam raffles tickets, slurping adult Sno-cones, grooving to great music with a steamy shark… 


Just like the cauliflower hidden inside Oprah’s mashed potatoes, you and your friends were that good!

Thanks to you, and those in-seam raffle tickets with awesome Dorchester raffle prizes, we raised $709 for ADSL at our recent Harvest Mixer and collectively $4,608 for Dorchester Youth Collaborative (DYC) and BAGLY. More importantly, this is the MOST WE’VE EVER DONATED!

Thanks to you…

  • This year’s donation gave Dorchester Youth Collaborative funds for 10 urgently needed Chromebooks for high-risk Dorchester youth enrolled in their after school tutoring program.
  • For over 30 years, Mass LBGTQ youth called BAGLY home and this year, DotOUT donated $2,300 to support their amazing youth-led programs.
  • DotOUT raised $709 at our Harvest Mixer for the aptly renamed All Dorchester Sports & Leadership team that is leading the way with great afternoon programs on well-being, health and sports.

So, does your small donation make a difference?

Yes! We just showed you it does! 

Now, take that next step with your #GivingTuesday donation and consider donating more to these great groups and know that you are making a difference in our community.

DotOUT Steering Committee
ADSLAll Dorchester Sports & Leadership
Donate to ADSL  | Learn more about ADSL
Donate to BAGLY | Learn more about BAGLY
Dorchester Youth Collaborative
Donate to DYC | Learn more about DYC

Election 2017 – Who’s Who

District Incumbent? Candidate Website Email Phone
Mayor I Marty  Walsh (617) 297-5181
Mayor Tito Jackson (617) 297-8212
7 Rufus Faulk (857) 230-0272
7 Kim Janey (857) 770-1488
At -Large I Michael Flaherty none listed on website (617) 765-7110
At -Large I Annissa Essaibi-George (617) 594-1841
At -Large I Ayanna Pressley (857) 220-7026
At -Large I Michelle Wu (617) 303-0347
At -Large Domingos DaRosa none listed on website none listed on website
At -Large Althea Garrison cannot find website ? ?
At -Large William King none listed on website
At -Large Pat Payaso cannot find website ?

Endorsement 2017 Update

For years, Dorchester and other neighborhood LGBTQ residents have looked to DotOUT’s endorsement and candidates’ forums for insight and support of our community.

Not too long ago, LGBTQ folks used a simple litmus by asking candidates if they would march in Southie’s annual St Patrick’s Day Parade.

In 2013, we tried online voting. Considering everyone knows everyone in Dorchester, we remain confident there was no outside Russian vote tampering.

And, who can forget 2013’s patio of mayoral candidates seeking endorsement following staunch LGBTQ advocate and friend Mayor Menino’s retirement? Here’s how we voted in 2013.

Our 2014 Endorsement Forum saw members endorse the first openly lesbian Attorney General.

At our 2015 Endorsement Forum, DotOUT members continued to endorse progressively pro-LGBTQ city council members.

This brings us to the year 2017…

We knew there would be challenges given the incumbent’s debate limitations. We, like others, chaffed at the number. DotOUT’s Political Committee co-chair tried and tried and tried again to get the mayoral candidates to commit to the date.

(Special props to Boston City Council President Michele Wu and District 7 candidate Kim Janey for reaching out to us to be included!) 

DotOUT has decided to let the candidates submit their answers to this year’s candidates’ questionnaire. We will post them on social media and our website. We hope this will let you, our members, have an active roll in the discussion beyond a one time event.

Members commented in the past they want to be involved, but are often left out because of family or work obligations. We hope using these different platforms will reach and engage our members and create an ongoing dialogue.

Will it be an endorsement per se?


But, we hope it will become the foundation for something more personal and reflective of our whole community.

So, in short (because I do like to write), DotOUT will use the internet for good and promote civil discourse, courteousness and just general niceness for this year’s online candidate’s forum.

As always, crankiness and curmudegeonous behavior will be seen as typical Dorchesterness. Mean Girl behavior won’t be tolerated. Random pics will be tossed into conversations if anyone needs a refresher on how to be good on the internet. 

We have amazingly LGBTQ supportive candidates and elected officials in our amazing neighborhood and our great city. We hope this year will be another watershed year for equality for all in our city. We hope you will participate with us once again! And, of course, that you vote on Tuesday, November 7!


DotOUT Steering Committee

Eligibility for Endorsement Night Voting

Our longtime members are familiar with DotOUT’s bylaws—heck, they’ve been members before we even had any bylaws! For folks new to Dorchester and are all fired up about all things political, here is a brief summary of DotOUT membership and voting eligibility. Read all about our bylaws in full detail.

Voting Eligibility

Membership is not required to participate in any of our social events. Membership 30-days prior to an endorsement event/meeting is required to vote. You must have joined our email list before the 30-day cut-off date.

Cut-off Date

Only members on this list and who joined on or before SEPTEMBER 25, 2017 are eligible to vote at the October 25, 2017 endorsement event.

Nonmembers are warmly invited to come, join for next year and have a good time!

Membership Status

2017 Endorsement Questions Needed

And, the request for candidate questions are O-U-T!

It’s the last day of August and we are gearing up for another action-packed endorsement cycle at DotOUT. We’re at Ester for our Endorsement Night 2017 on October 25. (Folks remember last time we were at Ester for an endorsement?)

This November, it’s another small race for the city. We will be endorsing for Districts 3, 4 and 7 as well as at-large and mayor.

As always, the BEST questions come from you, our DotOUT members.

Please email your questions (and the candidate(s) they are for) to our main email address

You may also submit them online via our Google Form survey. (This is anonymous.)

We will select questions or merge them with others based on clarity and relevance to Dorchester and our community. We find most candidates are friendly to the LGBTQ community (but, if you have found they are not, please express that in your questions and cite examples).

We will keep you posted on our progress!

Why we ❤️ Dorchester Day

Why does @DotOUT like #DotDay2017 so much? Because for 14 years, Dorchester, and her fabulous, zany, wildly unique folks and the @DotDayParade have welcomed us–Dorchester’s LGBTQ community– with open arms. We’ve flown our rainbow flags. 

​We’ve dressed in every costume imaginable. We’ve been our own unique selves. And you, Dorchester, and the Dorchester Day Parade committee have welcomed us with warmth and acceptance. Acceptance of our differences is what makes our neighborhood so unique in the @cityofboston. 

We thank our fabulous sponsors who embrace diversity and help us to connect the Dots in our unique and fabulous way. 

Our dear corporate sponsors Carney Hospital and Great Spaces Real Estate Boston 

@BayWindows @cedargrovegardens @dbar @swankproperties @ValenteInsurance —

We’re #StrongerTogether, Dorchester. 

Good morning, Helga!

Come greet Helga, DotOUT’s Rainbow Regatta’s masthead! She’s waiting for that special someone to sweep her off the truck front! 

Could it be you??? 

Happy Dorchester Day!

DotOUT is celebrating our neighborhood’s wonderful diversity with this year’s theme: Rainbow Regatta-Sailing Forward Together

Dorchester is closely tied to its waterfront from the Neponset river to Port Norfolk and all the way up to Harbor Point. Regattas bring individual boats together for fun and camaraderie on the open seas. Sailing together and  weathering rough waters and stormy skies is what we do in Dorchester. We harbor our strengthens and forge new friendships making our Dorchester rainbow regatta stronger and better for all the different boats. 

Practically Crack of Dawn…

We’re cutting the glitter for Saturday’s brunch…

Brunch & annual meeting is THIS Saturday! Almost 70 folks have signed up through Eventbrite and Facebook. If you’re…

Posted by DotOut Dorchester on Thursday, March 30, 2017

On Discrimination 

“If we desire a society of peace, then we cannot achieve such a society through violence. If we desire a society without discrimination, then we must not discriminate against anyone in the process of building this society. If we desire a society that is democratic, then democracy must become a means as well as an end.” — Bayard Rustin