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2014 – DotOUT in the News

DotOUT in the local blogs


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2013 – DotOUT in the News

Mayoral hopefuls get careful look from DotOUT By Gintautas Dumcius, News Editor, Dorchester Reporter, Aug. 9, 2013

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2012 – DotOUT in the News

DotOut’s float named best of Boston Pride 2012 Posted by Patrick Rosso, Boston Globe, January 23, 2013

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2011 – DotOUT in the News

September 2011 REPORTER’S NOTEBOOK: DotOUT endorses Craig Galvin in District 3

Four at-large seats; seven eye one of them October 26, 2011

DotOUT endorses Arroyo, Pressley, Connolly, and Flaherty October 24, 2011

DotOUT backs Flaherty and three councillors running for reelection October 23, 2011


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2009 – DotOUT in the News

September 2009 Menino falls short as DotOUT fails to back a mayoral candidate

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2008 – DotOUT in the News

With Chang-Diaz’s nomination official, Wilkerson loses key LGBT support Bay Windows, October 2, 2008

Primary results a mixed bag for LGBT community Bay Windows, September 17, 2008

DotOUT Endorsements New England Blade, September 10, 2008

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2007 – DotOUT in the News

Pressing the flesh Bay Windows, March 15, 2007[/tab]

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2005 – DotOUT in the News

Under a rainbow flag, linking the Dots Boston Globe, October 30, 2005
By Johnny Diaz, Globe Staff  |  October 30, 2005

For years, friends Daniel Cushing and Michele Gillen talked about a way of combining their love of politics with their Dorchester neighborhood activism.

They knew that there must be others like them, gay residents in Dorchester, who would want to be part of a political neighborhood group, one that would speak out on issues close to their hearts, such as gay marriage and AIDS prevention.

With Dorchester full of so many fragmented sub-communities, Cushing, from Jones Hill, and Gillen, from Adams Village, decided to connect the Dots with a name and a face… Read more on the Boston Globe site