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Election 2017 – Who’s Who

District Incumbent? Candidate Website Email Phone Mayor I Marty  Walsh http://www.martywalsh.org info@martywalsh.org (617) 297-5181 Mayor Tito Jackson http://www.titojacksonformayor.com teamtito@titojacksonformayor.com (617) 297-8212 7 Rufus Faulk http://www.rufusforboston.com/ info@friendsofrufusjfaulkforcitycouncil.com (857) 230-0272 7 Kim Janey http://kimjaney.org kim@kimjaney.org (857) 770-1488

Endorsement 2017 Update

For years, Dorchester and other neighborhood LGBTQ residents have looked to DotOUT's endorsement and candidates' forums for insight and support of our community. Not too long ago, LGBTQ folks used a simple litmus by asking

2017 Endorsement Questions Needed

And, the request for candidate questions are O-U-T! It's the last day of August and we are gearing up for another action-packed endorsement cycle at DotOUT. We're at Ester for our Endorsement Night 2017 on

Why we ❤️ Dorchester Day

Why does @DotOUT like #DotDay2017 so much? Because for 14 years, Dorchester, and her fabulous, zany, wildly unique folks and the @DotDayParade have welcomed us--Dorchester's LGBTQ community-- with open arms. We've flown our rainbow flags. 

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