DotOUT Donations

We originally posted this back in Spring ’14. We’ve moved this up and center so folks can look back and see all the good they’ve done in Dorchester over the years!

Here’s an incomplete summary of the groups DotOUT has supported in the past…

Past Donations

Year   Charity Benefit Event Amount


St. Mary’s Harvest Mixer $1,000
Kit Clark Senior Services Tea Dance **
Gay Mens Domestic Violence * $250


Dorchester Historic Society Tea Dance $750
Partners in Health-PACT Tea Dance $750
Boston Partners in Education Bowling **


It Gets Better Harvest Mixer **
Boston City Singers Oscars $400
dotWell Tea Dance $1,500


DotART Tea Dance $1,000
Interim House Tea Dance $1,000
Victory Program * **


Dorchester YMCA Oscars $400
One Fund Endorsement Night – April $260+$50
One Fund Tea Dance $2,000


Dorchester Arts Collaborative Oscars & DotDay Summer Party at Cedar Grove $400
Victory Program Support for Dinnerfest $250
Dorchester Day Parade Tea Dance $200
Dot Art Tea Dance $1,000
Dorchester House Tea Dance $1,000
Dorchester Historical Society Tea Dance $100
St Mary’s Center
for Women & Children
Harvest Mixer $440 and
OODLES of cute, fluffy and totally adorable donations!


Boston Partners in Education Bowling! $271
Boston City Singers Oscars $250
Victory Program/Boston Living Center Support for Dinnerfest $250
Kit Clark Senior Services DotDay Summer Party at Cedar Grove  $400
The Network/La Red Tea Dance  $2,0000
Children’s Holiday Party at DotHealth Harvest Mixer $1,000 and
bags and bags of wonderful toys!
* – Event info missing; ** – Final amount in archives; will update shortly!