<b>100 Free Rainbow Flags</b> Color South Boston in rainbows! Get your flag today! <b>Spring Thang</b> --DotOUT's Annual Spring Meeting Moves to Brunch Status <b>MIDWEEK MELTDOWN in MAY</b> We're heading to Tavolo! <b>SUMMER PARTY</b> and summer starts in Dorchester and at Cedar Grove Gardens <b>THANKS to our 2016 SPONSORS!</b> - We have MORE FUN planned!

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Meet us in Dorchester, Massachusetts!

Everyone's favorite group in Boston's best neighborhood!

DotOUT is located in Boston's largest and most diverse neighborhood of Dorchester!

DotOUT is a grassroots, member driven organization committed to the ideals of acceptance, inclusion, fairness, and equality.

We believe in the strength of the LGBTQ community in Dorchester and recognize that together through our activism and neighborliness we can positively influence local opinion on issues that are relevant to us and our community.

And, we throw great parties, too!

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