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Welcome to DotOUT

The DotOUT Steering Committee/Board had been actively planning for our new calendar year (starts in April) with an exciting “new” event with the Dorchester Brewing Company in March and then the pandemic happened. The city and state shut down, our members lost jobs, our business sponsors closed their doors, friends and family members got sick and hospitalized, we went into survival mode.

Currently, the DotOUT board is trying to stabilize our own lives, some of us working longer and harder on the “frontlines”, some of us re-engineering our businesses and careers and all of us hoping for the best even as the challenges continue to mount with social unrest and threats to our freedoms.

(l-r) Matt, Scott, Travis, Marie and Laura

Guide to the September 1st Primaries

We won’t cover districts not lying within Dorchester and to be transparent, we will list both parties. Important races include the US Senate position, the incumbent Edward J. Markey, to be challenged by Joe Kennedy III and two Republican candidates.  In the 7th Congressional District, Ayanna Pressley is running unopposed.  In the 8th Congressional District which barely skirts Dorchester’s borders with South Boston, incumbent Stephen Lynch is being challenged by Dr. Robbie Goldstein. For all the local information on early voting, your local voting location, voting by mail, visit the state Elections Division website

The most important Presidential election in our lifetime

​Now is the time to decide whether to vote by mail or in person and make decisions about the race.  For information regarding the LGBT vote including studies and case law, educate yourself with information from the UCLA Williams Institute. Consider volunteering for swing state elections.

Continue to support our local businesses and sponsors

Consider the innovative socially distanced dining at places like 224 Boston StreetDbar, The Harp and BardAshmont Grill. Consider Duffy Law​ for closing legal services, Great Spaces for shopping and buying, Valente Insurance for just that and Cedar Grove for your new garden.

With the shocking repeat of the countless inequities against our nations people of color, we find ourselves reflecting on how can we make this stop, at the very least from the perspective of police actions. In this case, the images of George Floyd lying on the street next to a police car with a knee to his neck stimulated a visceral response from people of all colors proverbially locked in their homes due to a pandemic and frustrated by the lack of a government response. It reminds this community, no matter what color, of the frailty of living as an “outsider” despite the major social changes of previous decades. In the ranking of reported hate crimes by motivation, last available by the FBI for the calendar year 2018, while race ranks highest at 50% of incidents, almost 20% of incidents are against victims due to their sexual orientation. Trans-gender or gender non-conforming victims make up another 8% but with a tendency towards more violent crimes and death. We stand with the local and national protests for change and hope. This is a reminder that any of us may be victimized.

Our Goals This Summer

  • Accommodating safe virtual social outlets
  • Updating our membership with our network of local sponsors that gave to us so graciously in the past so that we can give back with our business
  • Facilitating volunteer outlets for our membership to align with a redevelopment platform
  • Building back upon our political advocacy foundation through virtual events around upcoming elections and register to vote endeavors
Awkward red carpet moments