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The DotOUT Steering Committee/Board had been actively planning for our new calendar year (starts in April) with an exciting “new” event with the Dorchester Brewing Company in March and then the pandemic happened. The city and state shut down, our members lost jobs, our business sponsors closed their doors, friends and family members got sick and hospitalized, we went into survival mode.

Currently, the DotOUT board is trying to stabilize our own lives, some of us working longer and harder on the “frontlines”, some of us re-engineering our businesses and careers and all of us hoping for the best even as the challenges continue to mount with social unrest and threats to our freedoms.


Marie McCrae MOVES TO DC

It has been extremely hard to imagine our board without Marie as Madame X of social media, a staunch advocate for transgender rights, the pre-eminent fanciful applicateur of name badges and all around wonderful person, but career led her to our nation’s capitol for the foreseeable future. One day she will return and she still tweets on occasion.


We will feature our new members on our board page but before things crumbled around us, we were able to recruit these three fantastic Dorchester transplants, Mike Hall, Sean Garren and Jack Vendetti. While they were supposed to be crowned at our annual meeting in April, we had to make do with a virtual coronation.


With the state and country on its way to a hopeful future relative to the pandemic, we will dedicate the next few months to sponsor outreach to help rebuild local businesses and those who remained loyal to the DotOUT mission. We just need time to rebuild our network and determine the best ways for all of us to support the critical infrastructure of our neighborhoods.

(l-r) Matt, Scott, Travis, Marie and Laura—Boston Science March 2016
awkward red carpet moments

What our goals are this summer:

Accommodating safe virtual social outlets

Updating our membership with our network of local sponsors that gave to us so graciously in the past so that we can give back with our business

Facilitating volunteer outlets for our membership to align with a redevelopment platform

Building back upon our political advocacy foundation through virtual events around upcoming elections and register to vote endeavors

Chris McCoy