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Welcome to DotOUT

We are Dorchester’s largest LGBTQ organization dedicated to civic outreach, social out- letting, political engagement and giving back to the communities we live in. To say it’s been “a year” would be an understatement, and we haven’t gotten our groove back but still have some fuel in our engines.

Facebook and Twitter serve as our most up to date outlets however, we do try to check in on our website to update things. See recent activities or important links below.

Help Local Families in Need

You may be aware that the pandemic has caused an epic spike in food insecurity even in socioeconomic groups that traditionally could ride it out. This year, we took $1K of our reserve funds to donate to the food pantry at DotHouse Health. We would love to have you join us in supporting this important community resource, if you can. You can give as much or as little as you can spare. Giving thanks also means spreading thanks.

DotHouse Health (DHH) prioritizes food security as a strong determinant of health among the people of Dorchester. For over 30 years the DHH Food Pantry has provided individuals and families with access to nutritious food through a partnership with the Great Boston Food Bank. They distribute food twice a week, and the only requirement is that clients live in Dorchester or Mattapan.

Support legislation stalled in the House for economic stimulus

The pandemic as you are aware is straining small businesses so much that many have closed, with about 20% of restaurants and about 15% of small retailers across the state. However, with concerns for another shutdown and with consumers turning away from activities that require them to go inside with the colder weather, the future may hold larger numbers. The early CARES act has not been enough to sustain many. The Heroes Act stimulus bill S.4800 would help address this continued economic crisis. Our local senators, Warren and Markey, support the bill, but a letter can help them drive this bill forward. See the link below.

Continue to support our local businesses and sponsors

Restaurants are still trying their hand at heated outdoor spaces and many with curbside pickup or delivery. Try your hand at places like 224 Boston Street, Dbar, The Harp and Bard, Ashmont Grill, The Blarney Stone or Tavolo. Consider Duffy Law​ for closing legal services, Great Spaces for real estate, Valente Insurance for just that and Cedar Grove for holiday decorations. Need a meal for a small socially distanced bubble event, why not Above and Beyond Catering. Check out Bay Windows for the latest LGBTQ news. Work your body at Body Plus Fuel. For a more personal relationship with your pharmacy, try out Crawford Drug but still enjoy home delivery and specialty packaging.

As 2020 approaches its end, we are a changed community, with many battered, stressed and still struggling daily. Many of us were called to action to rise up and raise our voices and march together to fight inequities of race. It is sad to see just how divided our nation is. Some have had to make hard decisions regarding our relationships with family and friends who disagree with us. As we leave the Trump era, there is cautious hope. Hope in leadership not by the blatantly corrupt and hateful but by a more fair and equitable administration. There is hope lying in the vaccine rollout in the coming months. We still need to be on guard as the “hate” is still out there, the Supreme Court has turned far more conservative, and our rights are never guaranteed. DotOUT supports the optimism of hope with the vigilance of an evolving nation.

Our Goals For 2021

  • Accommodating safe virtual social outlets
  • Updating our membership with our network of local sponsors that gave to us so graciously in the past so that we can give back with our business
  • Facilitating volunteer outlets for our membership to align with a redevelopment platform
  • Building back upon our political advocacy foundation through virtual events around upcoming elections and register to vote endeavors