Endorsement 2017 Update

For years, Dorchester and other neighborhood LGBTQ residents have looked to DotOUT’s endorsement and candidates’ forums for insight and support of our community.

Not too long ago, LGBTQ folks used a simple litmus by asking candidates if they would march in Southie’s annual St Patrick’s Day Parade.

In 2013, we tried online voting. Considering everyone knows everyone in Dorchester, we remain confident there was no outside Russian vote tampering.

And, who can forget 2013’s patio of mayoral candidates seeking endorsement following staunch LGBTQ advocate and friend Mayor Menino’s retirement? Here’s how we voted in 2013.

Our 2014 Endorsement Forum saw members endorse the first openly lesbian Attorney General.

At our 2015 Endorsement Forum, DotOUT members continued to endorse progressively pro-LGBTQ city council members.

This brings us to the year 2017…

We knew there would be challenges given the incumbent’s debate limitations. We, like others, chaffed at the number. DotOUT’s Political Committee co-chair tried and tried and tried again to get the mayoral candidates to commit to the date.

(Special props to Boston City Council President Michele Wu and District 7 candidate Kim Janey for reaching out to us to be included!) 

DotOUT has decided to let the candidates submit their answers to this year’s candidates’ questionnaire. We will post them on social media and our website. We hope this will let you, our members, have an active roll in the discussion beyond a one time event.

Members commented in the past they want to be involved, but are often left out because of family or work obligations. We hope using these different platforms will reach and engage our members and create an ongoing dialogue.

Will it be an endorsement per se?


But, we hope it will become the foundation for something more personal and reflective of our whole community.

So, in short (because I do like to write), DotOUT will use the internet for good and promote civil discourse, courteousness and just general niceness for this year’s online candidate’s forum.

As always, crankiness and curmudegeonous behavior will be seen as typical Dorchesterness. Mean Girl behavior won’t be tolerated. Random pics will be tossed into conversations if anyone needs a refresher on how to be good on the internet. 

We have amazingly LGBTQ supportive candidates and elected officials in our amazing neighborhood and our great city. We hope this year will be another watershed year for equality for all in our city. We hope you will participate with us once again! And, of course, that you vote on Tuesday, November 7!


DotOUT Steering Committee

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